Renewable Natural Gas

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is a growing sector for clean, alternative fuel sources. RNG allows the monetization of a variety of otherwise waste streams, such as Municipal Wastewater Treatment, Landfills, and Agricultural waste. RNG is used as a direct substitute for fossil fuel derived natural gas either through direct pipeline injection, power generation, compression to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), or even liquefaction into Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)!

Lean on BR&E’s experience in natural gas processing to design and troubleshoot the systems that upgrade biogas into quality RNG using many new features of ProMax 6.0 built with RNG in mind!

ProMax Renewable Natural Gas

Model a variety of processes to determine economic viability including:

  • Pressurized Water Scrubbing
  • Membrane Separation
    • Fiber Film
  • Acid Gas Removal
    • Sulfur Removal
    • Amine Treating
    • DEPG
  • Cryogenic Processing
    • CO2 Freeze Out
    • Low Temperature Distillation

Raw biogas has a methane of content of 50-60% and requires processing before it can be called RNG. Use ProMax to design and optimize the removal of multiple contaminants including Sulfur, Siloxanes, VOCs, CO2, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Water, and more!

ProMax Renewable Natural Gas