Crude Preheat Networks

With accurate thermodynamics, heat exchanger rating capabilities, and calculators for fine-tuning and optimization, ProMax has the ability to model heat exchanger networks and improve energy integration.

ProMax® Oil and Refining

Heat Exchangers

  • Add rating calculations to ensure that heat exchangers are not underdesigned. Ratings are available for shell and tube exchangers, fin-fan exchangers, and more.
  • Incorporate fouling resistances to simulate current plant conditions
  • Run the Scenario Tool to determine the economic benefits of cleaning individual or groups of exchangers


  • Add specifiers and solvers to optimize heat integration within a unit
  • Create solvers that target approach temperature, LMTD, UA, duty, and percent overdesign
  • Use a solver in conjunction with known plant conditions to determine fouling resistances
ProMax® Oil Speciation