Detailed Design


ProMax detailed column solutions provides you with column performance, pressure drop and flooding estimation, optimization options, and more for both packed and trayed towers. Analyses can be performed for ideal-stage and mass and heat transfer columns, with or without reactions.

Heat Exchangers

The Heat Exchanger Rating package included in ProMax can help you design new processes, track down bottlenecks, find process inefficiencies, and decide whether to repurpose existing equipment. ProMax includes detailed information for compact exchangers, double-pipe exchangers, fin-fan exchangers, plate-frame exchangers, and shell-and-tube exchangers.


The Separator Sizing package included in ProMax is capable of helping you size both horizontal and vertical separation vessels in a multitude of process conditions, including separators, scrubbers, knockouts, flash drums, and slug catchers. Liquid-liquid separation, vapor-liquid separation, and 3-phase separation is all included.


The ProMax Pipeline block is a flexible and powerful tool for estimating the flow characteristics and pressure change associated with a single pipeline, a gathering system, a well bore, or even a flare network. Additionally, ProMax includes Line Sizing features to help you estimate the required pipe sizes in the plant and avoid excessive pressure drops, or undesired pipe wall erosion.

Control Valves

ProMax includes information on over 450 types of control valves, allowing you to accurately size a valve for your system, or estimate the pressure drop that results from a valve. Valves are available for incompressible flow liquid service and compressible flow vapor services, along with correlations allowing for two-phase flow as well.

Flow Meters

ProMax can help you estimate the pressure effects related to Orifice Meters, Nozzle Meters, and Venturi Meters in your lines, and offers the flexibility to user-define a Discharge Coefficient meter for any other type of meter in use.

Relief Systems

ProMax Depressurization and Relief Valve Sizing tools and analyses are provided to help you design and protect your operating equipment from excessive overpressure, while avoiding issues with excessive flow rates or undersized effluent handling systems. Included are tools to help with emergency and non-emergency situations, including Fire Case Relief studies.