Production Facilities

ProMax® is a comprehensive simulation resource capable of modeling oil and gas systems from the production tubing to delivery, all in a single simulation!

The first step in processing is the Production Facility. The entire system can be modeled including the production separators, safety systems, and even tank battery vent lines.


  • Inlet Separator Size and Conditions
  • Heater Treater Operation
  • Vapor Recovery Units
  • Choke Valve Settings
  • Flare system
  • Oil/Gas Quality
  • Line Sizes
  • Vapor Recovery Towers
  • Tank Emissions
  • Vent Line Systems
  • Control Device
ProMax® Flare Vent

Whether for environmental or economic reasons, ProMax allows thorough evaluation of production facility design and operation. Evaluate the economic benefits and operating costs of a VRU, the effect of heater treater operation on crude oil stability, the reduction in flash emissions from the addition of a Vapor Recovery Tower, and much more, all in a single model!