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The technologies covered by the patents below are used in ProMax.

United States Patent No.: US 10,566,079

Date of Patent: Feb. 18, 2020

Characterization Of Complex Hydrocarbon Mixtures

Disclosed are processes for improving the performance of a computer system operating a software program for calculating operating parameters and results of hydrocarbon processing units by providing a method of estimating and consolidating molecular composition components and properties of hydrocarbon mixtures such as petroleum fractions. The method provides a reduced number of representative compounds that closely match the characteristics of the complete molecular composition of the mixture that may be used to increase efficiency of a computer system, improve the operation of refinery process and that may be disposed on non-transitory machine-readable media.

United States Patent No.: US 11,776,667

Date of Patent: Oct. 3, 2023


Systems and methods of chemical process simulation providing improved methods and systems for expressing the composition of a stream in a chemical process model in a manner that is not immediately indicative of the underlying composition, providing for improved accuracy of allocation of a process output stream to the appropriate source(s), avoiding duplication of components or other inaccurate component representations in relation to critical calculations, and improving the operation of a computer or other computing system for performing chemical process modeling and simulation. The systems or methods provide for three distinct layers of interaction, separating mixed species displayed to the user from individual species used in calculations, while providing transformation objects between dataset layers to provide for accurate modeling, calculation, and display.

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