Flare and Vent Systems

Flare Systems

ProMax allows the user to design and troubleshoot vent systems, regardless of whether they are high or low pressure. From PSV to the flare tip, flare systems can be easily built and analyzed in ProMax.


  • Safety Valve Size and Backpressure
  • Header Piping Diameter
  • Pressure losses through System
  • Seal Drum Size and Pressure Drop
  • API-521 Flare Tip Calculations
  • Thermal Radiation and Noise
  • Supplemental Fuel Needs
  • Flare Height and Placement
  • Mach Number
  • Air Requirements
ProMax® Flare Vent ProMax® Flare Vent

Vent Systems

Very low pressure systems can be modeled as well, including vent lines from atmospheric tanks. The ProMax OOOOa Vent Assessment ToolTM allows for fast, efficient design and validation of these systems.

  • Input Number of Tanks and Configuration
  • Calculate Flash Vapors in Battery
  • Determine Nodal Pressures
  • Include All Lines and Fittings
  • Use Specialized Low Pressure Flow Correlations
  • Modify Configuration to Ensure OOOOa Compliance
  • Determine System Capacity
  • Calculate Back Pressure on Every Tank
ProMax® Flare Vent