User Value Objects in ProMax 2.0

Lili Lyddon

March 13, 2007

New in ProMax 2.0 is the ability to create User Value objects which are values or properties defined by the user. Related User Value objects are grouped into User Value Sets as defined by the user. Any of the predefined unit combinations present in ProMax (e.g., mass flow rate, temperature, density) may be selected for a user value. Alternatively, a custom unit may be defined which combines standard units in ProMax or utilizes unknown units such as currency. The results from a user value can be displayed on the flowsheet in Visio or utilized in dependent calculations in specifiers and solvers. A User Value is typically a property defined by the user which is not available in ProMax. Examples of User Values might be steam rate to the stripper reboiler in an amine unit (lb steam per gallon solution circulation), circulation rate in a glycol dehydration unit (gallon glycol per lb water in the wet feed), a component ratio, acid gas composition (grains per gallon or grains per standard cubic foot,) etc. A User Value can also be a reference value, composition, or property.

Authored by Lili Lyddon (BR&E Technical Support and Help Author)