ProMax® version 5.0 Now Available!

Bryan Research & Engineering has a vision for finding solutions, and it starts with you.

ProMax is a powerful and versatile process simulation software package that is used by engineers worldwide to design and optimize gas processing, refining and chemical facilities. In basic terms, our goal for the software is that it be highly customizable yet very robust, extremely powerful yet approachable and usable, and very accurate in its predictions without any need of regression or fitting on the part of the user. The ProMax package also includes access to our knowledgeable process team ready to help whenever and however we can. Our mission to serve and support our customers at the highest level is genuinely important to our entire staff.

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Technical Support

Bryan Research & Engineering has a passion for service excellence, and it starts with you.

We are engineers working for engineers. Our technical support team is readily available to assist our clients with their use of our software to enhance their company’s success. Have an issue with the software, troubleshooting, or need help designing a plant? Contact our support team for a timely, accurate solution!

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