Units Flexibility

William "Trey" Brown, III

November 14, 2006

Bryan Research and Engineering’s (BR&E’s) ProMax simulation software provides the user with ultimate flexibility in the use of measurement units. While several default unit sets are available for the operator to choose as his global preference, each individual Process Stream, Energy Stream or Unit Operation can be individually customized to mix and match units to meet the project requirements. BR&E even offers the ability to customize the default unit sets to meet the individual company’s standards. Thus, the user may choose to use the US English unit set as his default, but may want to see certain pressures presented in “atmospheres” instead of “psia”. This can be accomplished with a click of a button. This ProMax feature gives the operator tremendous power to represent his model and actual plant operation in the same way without having to manually convert from one unit of measure to another.

Another similar feature allows for the simulation to be run using one unit set, but to publish the report in a different unit set, with no impact on the simulation itself. As an example, a person in the United States may be comfortable with US English units and will set up his model using these units. However, his customer in Europe requires that all data be provided in SI units. The modeler can simply run his plant using US English units and then click on the SI unit set when he constructs the client report and it will automatically convert everything into SI units of measure, without affecting the actual model itself.

Authored by William "Trey" Brown, III - BR&E Sales Department