ProMax - What's this? Help

Lili Lyddon

January 18, 2007

One convenient feature in ProMax is the “What’s This?” help. You can get quick information on almost any parameter without having to access the main Help file. To get to the “What’s This?” help from within the ProMax Project Viewer, Project Options, or Environment dialogs do one of the following: A) Right click on the cell and select "What's This?" (in some cases, this help is not available because a right click action invokes other options such as print, etc.), B) Press shift-F1 with the cursor in the desired field, or C) Click on the question mark icon in the upper right hand corner of the dialog and then click on the desired cell. “What's This?” Help does not provide any links to additional topics or information but is intended to provide an abbreviated explanation for the item of concern.

Authored by Lili Lyddon (BR&E Technical Support and Help Author)