ProMax - Predictive Modelling

William "Trey" Brown, III

October 19,2006

The ProMax simulation software allows the User to develop a predictive model that can let you know how a processing plant will respond to changing conditions. While still a steady-state model, ProMax performs iterative calculations, rating and adjusting equipment performance within each iteration, until convergence is achieved. Thus, a “snapshot” of the predicted plant operation, under each set of conditions, can be achieved. Since ProMax is Microsoft-based, it has totally seamless integration with other Microsoft programs such as Word and Excel. This allows the user to import and export data back and forth between ProMax and Excel and compare the different “snapshot” data for any number of cases the User wants to review.

Numerous BR&E customers have used ProMax in this manner to optimize their plant operation and troubleshoot areas of concern. Several clients have been able to increase product production, while others have reduced fuel usage and become more efficient. ProMax has also been used in troubleshooting such problems as poor hydraulic designs and fouling/failure in heat exchangers. ProMax provides many possibilities on how to improve your plant operation and determine how to adapt to changing conditions.

Authored by William "Trey" Brown, III - BR&E Sales Department