Sales Information

Bryan Research & Engineering, LLC products are sold worldwide. Please contact our trained staff to help you select, purchase and implement a product that is right for you. Contact Sales.

Configuration Details:

BR&E's products provide flexible configurations with an architecture that scales from a single user to a multiple user network utilized world-wide.

Security device options available include:

  • Single-user USB key security devices
  • Single- or Multi-simultaneous user USB key network security devices
  • Single- or Multi-simultaneous user software key network security devices*

In some situations detachable licenses might be available for traveling engineers, allowing a network license seat to be temporarily used off-network for a limited time. Please contact us if you are interested in learning how this option could be used in your organization.

Included in the BR&E Process Simulation Package is:

  • ProMax - Powerful hydrocarbon process simulation software.
  • Complimentary technical support.
  • Complimentary training.

Licensing Details:

Prior to shipment of the ProMax software, a standard Software Licensing Agreement must be signed. There is a one year minimum lease term associated with the software. Our standard agreements renew on an annual basis. Corporate discounts may apply if you are employed by a company that holds a current license of the ProMax software.

*Not all clients are approved for software security devices. Please contact our sales department for additional information and requirements.