Acid Gas Removal

For over two decades, TSWEET was known as the industry standard for simulating amine sweetening facilities. ProMax and the inclusion of our Mass + Heat Transfer model for reactive and non-reactive systems has continued that legacy. ProMax is still the most versatile and complete package available for modeling sour gas facilities and can be directly integrated with your other hydrocarbon processing systems--all in one simulation! Almost any flow scheme may be simulated with any number of column configurations, feeds, and draws. This gives ProMax unparalleled flexibility in modeling acid gas removal systems.

Model virtually any process flow or configuration including:

ProMax MDEA Sweetening with Piperazine
  • Multiple absorbers and regenerators
  • Vapor and Liquid treating
  • Split flow processes
  • Static mixers
  • Amines:
    • MEA
    • DEA
    • TEA
    • DGA®
    • MDEA
    • DIPA
    • Sulfinol® * Shell Sulfinol Licensors and Licensees
    • Any blend of amines
  • Additives:
    • Piperazine
    • Strong acids
  • Physical Solvents:
    • DEPG
    • NMP
    • Methanol
    • Propylene Carbonate
  • Use rigorous Mass + Heat Transfer column models for reactive and non-reactive systems
  • Model real trays and packing inside of absorbers and strippers
  • Predict hydrocarbon/BTEX and mercaptan solubility in amines
  • Size columns with trays, random packing, and structured packing
  • Model caustic treating systems for mercaptan or CO2 removal

Custom calculations specific to sour gas removal systems are included such as:

ProMax MDEA Sweetening with Piperazine
  • Lean and rich amine loading
  • Solution pH and molarity
  • Column lean end approach to equilibrium
  • Column rich end approach to equilibrium
  • Complete ionic speciation information
  • Automatic amine and water makeup rates