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Glycol Dehydration & Hydrate Prediction/Inhibition

ProMax is renowned as the leading resource for predicting the performance of both glycol dehydration and hydrate suppression systems. ProMax can perform dehydration simulations using the common glycols Ethylene Glycol (EG), Diethylene Glycol (DEG), and Triethylene Glycol (TEG). Dehydration processes using other solvents such as Methanol or DEPG can also be modeled. Injection systems using Methanol, EG, or other hydrate inhibitors can be modeled as well. Almost any dehydration unit flow scheme may be simulated, including stripping gas, stripping gas with dryer column, solvent enhanced stripping, and enhanced stripping with vapor recovery. For cases involving Methanol, a special Polar Equation of State Property Packages is available. A special Freeze-Out Analysis automatically calculates the highest formation temperature for ice, solid CO2, and hydrates as well as the possibility for multiple formation temperatures of each type. In addition, it calculates water dew point and water content which are very useful properties for dehydration applications.

Hydrate Inhibition

ProMax® Hydrate Prediction Phase Envelope

Stripping Gas

Stripping Gas with Dryer (Stahl Column)

Solvent Enhanced Stripping