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AutoKinetic® Reactors

AutoKinetic® Reactors

ProMax AutoKinetic reactors provide a suite of rigorous reactor models to simulate petroleum refining processes. Among other benefits, these models can accurately predict reactor operations to achieve optimized operating targets and provide fundamental details on reactor performance for design and debottlenecking.

Kinetic Models

ProMax AutoKinetic reactors include a series of scalable kinetic models specifically designed to simulate Hydroprocessing operations.

Catalytic Fixed Beds

ProMax® AutoKinetic Reactors Model

Model catalytic fixed beds as found in process units across refineries. Predict hydraulic losses in polydisperse particle beds (grading). Unfold the impact of particle shape, size and density on packing.

Kinetic Calibration Tool

A powerful model tune-up tool is available from the ProMax flowsheeting environment. This tool provides an easy-to-use graphical interface to calibrate kinetic parameters from plant data.