ProMax 4.0

Bryan Research & Engineering is pleased to announce the release of version 4.0.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to upgrade, please contact us at 979-776-5220 for more information.

New Features only in 4.0:

AutoKinetic® Reactors

  • Computer-generated reaction sets at the elementary-step level derived from chemistry fundamentals
  • Reaction sets based upon user selection of species in the simulation environment
  • Performance analysis with powerful graphics
  • User configurable:
    • Kinetics parameters
    • Proprietary data calibration tools
  • Isomerization (ISOM), Catalytic Reforming (CRF), Hydrotreating (HDS) and Hydrocracking (HCK) processes currently available

CAPE-OPEN V1.0 & V1.1 Compliant

Mass + Heat Transfer Models

  • For use with columns and reactors
  • Use parameters of existing hardware without specifications for tray efficiencies or HETP for packed columns
  • TSWEET-based Models are available to account for the effect of kinetic reactions on absorption
  • Plug-flow reactors may be set to behave as rate-based co-current columns
  • Stirred Tank reactors may be set to behave as single stage rate-based separators

Reactive Columns

  • Available for both Ideal Stage and Mass + Heat Transfer models

ProMax Block Improvements

  • Columns: easier set-up and modification, and new options for improved convergence, column over-specification, hydraulics and pressure drop calculations
  • Compressor/Expander: improvements to efficiencies, curve plotting and interpolation
  • Heat Exchangers: UA and EMTD is now available for individual sides on multi-sided exchangers, and now the UA and approach temperatures can be set for more cases
  • Pumps: families of curves can be implemented and plotted
  • Reactors: pressure drops may be calculated, and entrainment may be specified
  • Separators: entrainment may be specified.
  • Valves: pressure drops may now be estimated based on control valve or differential pressure flow meter calculations.

Sizing, Rating, and Analysis Improvements

  • Exchanger ratings may include plugged tubes or inserts
  • Radiation heat transfer is now available for certain situations, most notably fire tubes
  • Horizontal 3-phase boot-and-weir sizing available
  • Improved booted separator sizing
  • New Composition Subset analysis, allowing flow rates and fractions to be calculated on a user-specified basis or from a predefined variety of groupings, e.g. C6+
  • Relief valve sizing analysis improvements
  • Control Valves and Differential Pressure Flow Meters available
  • Additional combustion properties calculated
  • Heat pinch calculations can now be performed

And more!

  • 64-bit installations supported
  • Spanish and Chinese versions available
  • GERG-2008, Chao-Seader, Grayson-Streed, Braun K10, SRK-Kabadi-Danner, and Sulfur ASRL property packages included
  • Many new components have been added, including many new specialty Heat Transfer Fluids
  • Dozens of new ProMax Example Files available